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Vermentino di Sardegna

White wine produced in Sardinia from the homonymous grape, which guarantees a constant and abundant production. Its color is yellow with green reflections and a fruity bouquet reminiscent of ripe apples, wild flowers and mimosas. And 'soft and dry alcohol content reaches a minimum of 12 degrees.

Vine varieties

Vermentino min. 85%, max. 15% other white varieties
non-aromatic suitable for cultivation in the Region of Sardinia

Production area Entire territory of Regione Sardegna
Yield in grape Max. 200 q.li/hectare
Yield in wine Max. 65%
Alcoholic degree Min. 10,5 gradi; min. 11,0 degrees for the type Spumante
Typology Secco, Amabile, Spumante