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Monica di Sardegna

Red wine produced in Sardinia from the homonymous grape integrated for 15% other red grapes. Its color is light ruby-red tending to purple, has an intense aroma and dry flavor and a tangy and it bears a long aging.

Vine varieties Monica min. 85%, max. 15% other vines at black berry
non-aromatic suitable for cultivation in the Region of Sardinia
Production area Entire territory Region of Sardinia
Yield in grape Max. 150 q.li/hectare
Yield in wine Max. 70%
Typology and  alcoholic degree Secco (min. 11,0 gradi); Amabile (min. 11,0 gradi); Frizzante (min. 11,0 gradi); Superiore (min. 12,5 gradi)
Aging One year for the typology Superiore