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Cannonau di Sardegna

It 's the most famous reds of Sardinia. From a red wine is a robust, vigorous, invigorating. Very pleasant is very common in Sardinia, as to be often called "the Sardinian wine, is produced during the grape of the same name which was probably introduced in the island from Spain.

Vine varieties Cannonau min. 90%, max. 10% other vines at black berry
suitable for cultivation in the Region of Sardinia
Production area Entire territory Region of Sardinia
Yield in grape Max. 110 q.li Grape/hectare
Yield in wine Max. 70%
Typology and  alcoholic degree Rosato (min. 12,5 gradi); Rosso (min. 12,5 gradi); Riserva (min. 13,0 gradi); Liquoroso secco (min. 18,0 gradi); Liquoroso dolce (min. 16,0 gradi)
Aging Min. two years of which at least six months in oak or chestnut for the Riserva, and min. one year of which at least six months in cask for the type Liquoroso